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Lowering lactose and carbs in milk does not help severely malnourished children

Treating hospitalized, severely malnourished children with a lactose-free, reduced-carbohydrate milk formula does not improve clinical outcomes, according to a new study. Source:...   More


Machine learning could eliminate unnecessary treatments for children with arthritis

Machine learning algorithm was able to sort children with arthritis into seven distinct types of disease according to the location of painful joints in the body in a way that was predictive of disease outcome....   More


Study reveals that night and weekend births have substantially higher risk of delivery complications

As if expecting mothers didn't have enough to worry about, a new study has found that the quantity of delivery complications in hospitals are substantially higher during nights, weekends and holidays, and in...   More


An existing drug may have therapeutic potential in mitochondrial disease

New preclinical findings from extensive cell and animal studies suggest that a drug already used for a rare kidney disease could benefit patients with some mitochondrial disorders -- complex conditions with...   More


The secret to bats' immunity

Bats' ability to host deadly viruses without getting sick could help shed light on inflammation and aging in humans. Source: Matae Ahn, Danielle E. Anderson, Qian Zhang, Chee Wah Tan, Beng Lee Lim, Katarina...   More


THC found more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than originally thought

Researchers recently solved a major gap in scientific literature by using mobile software technology to measure the real-time effects of actual cannabis-based products used by millions of people every...   More


First common risk genes discovered for autism

A study has found the first common genetic risk variants for autism and uncovered genetic differences in clinical subgroups of autism. The discovery means that we will in future be able to determine the genes...   More


Mechanism behind DNA damage control uncovered

Researchers have identified a mechanism that is critical for the survival of cells under genotoxic stress. New finding could help develop novel anti-cancer approaches to improve the cancer cell killing effects...   More


Maternal smoking during pregnancy increases risk of ADHD among offspring up to 3-fold

The higher the cotinine levels were in the mother's blood during pregnancy, the greater was the child's risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later in life, showed an...   More


New clue for cancer treatment could be hiding in microscopic molecular machine

Researchers have discovered a critical missing step in the production of proteasomes -- tiny structures in a cell that dispose of protein waste -- and found that carefully targeted manipulation of this step...   More


Improved outlook for people of African descent with treatment-resistant schizophrenia

A new study means that more people of African descent who have treatment-resistant schizophrenia could be safely given the drug best proven to manage their symptoms. Source:...   More


Cancer genes' age and function strongly influence their mutational status

Researchers have provided new insight on why some genes that formed during the evolution of the earliest animals on earth are particularly impaired (or dysregulated) by specific mechanisms during cancer...   More


Cancer survivors see mostly positives in how they have changed

Two years after diagnosis, breast cancer survivors have four times more positive than negative thoughts about changes they experienced because of their illness, a new study found. Source:...   More


New insight on how the nose adapts to smells

Our noses may be able to adapt themselves to tell the brain, as efficiently as possible, about the most typical smells in our environment, suggests new research. Source:...   More


Stem cells provide greater insight into rotator cuff disease

New research explores stem cells in the rotator cuff in hopes of understanding why fatty accumulation happens at the tear site, instead of proper muscle healing. Source:...   More


Inhibiting cancer-causing protein could prevent scleroderma fibrosis

Examining the autoimmune disease at the molecular level led researchers to a specific molecule that could be contributing to the disease progression in patients. Source:...   More


Drug interactions in ER's common but preventable

In a recent study, 38 percent of patients discharged from the emergency department had at least one drug interaction resulting from a newly prescribed medicine. The study identified the most common...   More


How the immune system maintains a healthy gut microbiota

Researchers have uncovered a critical mechanism that controls immune reactions against microorganisms in the intestine. The results of the international study may contribute to the development of new therapies...   More


Inherited mutations may play a role in pancreatic cancer development

A small, retrospective study has found that, in patients with particular pancreatic duct lesions, the presence of an inherited mutation in a pancreatic cancer susceptibility gene may increase the patients'...   More


'Silent-type' cells play greater role in brain behavior than previously thought

Brain cells recorded as among the least electrically active during a specific task may be the most important to doing it right. Source: Michele...   More

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